National Safety School

Complaints Policy


The purpose of this document is to ensure that all Enquiries or Complaints aimed at the services provided by National Safety School, its operations or its personnel are correctly recorded and investigated and that, where appropriate, corrective action is taken. Where an Appeal is raised against the relevant Awarding Body (where National Safety School are informed) every assistance is to be given to the student in terms of directing them to the relevant Awarding Body Complaints procedure, this includes the steps to take to escalate the problem should they not be satisfied with any subsequent follow up remedial action, finding or result.


This procedure will be followed in respect of all complaints made to National Safety School.  All complaints however small are to be forwarded to the undersigned by the most appropriate means depending on the severity below:

Minor Complaints:

that can be rectified by the instructor/invigilator.  The Student should be consulted and where possible the problem rectified, and the student should be encouraged to raise their complaint on the end, of course, INVAL to ensure the problem is rectified. An example would be when a student wishes to raise a complaint about a venue or other non-training aspect.

Major Complaints:

Complaints where the instructor/invigilator feels that they cannot rectify the problem it should be raised verbally or electronically immediately to the HQ Office.  See timescales paragraph.

Internal Complaints:

When a member of National Safety School considers that some aspects of the Company’s operation are unsatisfactory from the client’s viewpoint, he or she will first try to resolve the matter by a discussion with supervision or management. If the problem recurs subsequently, the individual may request to record it as a complaint. This procedure will not be used by members of National Safety School in respect of matters affecting their personal work situation or terms and conditions of employment. Matters that fall into this category should be taken up with line management.

Internal Improvement:

All members of staff are asked to report any ideas for improvement during any face to face or formal meeting to support continuous improvement within the company to allow National Safety School to continue to maintain the service of quality.


The Company maintains a “Complaints Register and Conflicts Log” which is under the control of the undersigned, in which the following information is recorded:

  • The date of the complaint and the name and or organization the complainant.
  • The nature of the complaint.
  • Any corrective action agreed.
  • The date when the corrective action is completed.

Corrective action will include sufficient investigation of the activity implicated to ensure the remedy addresses the cause as well as the symptom.


The following timescales are to be adhered to:

  • 0 hr: The moment a Student makes an Enquiry, Complaint or wishes to Appeal a result to any member of National Safety School by word, paper or email.
  • 24 hrs: The time that all Enquiries, Complaints and Appeals must be replied to from a member of the National Safety School Office Team

We have a number of Awarding Bodies that we must comply to – each has its own policy for escalating a complaint.  This procedure will be highlighted to each student in their individual learner agreement.


The undersigned is the person responsible for ensuring that the Complaints Register is correctly maintained and that the corrective actions are closed out at the appropriate time. As long as there are complaints or appeals that have not been closed out yet, the issue will continue to be raised at the regular management meetings.

Where to complain to:

If you decide that you have eligible grounds for a complaint you should send an email with supporting documentary evidence to the following:

Call: 044 42133643/ 9499943975


Write to: Quality Officer, No.7, Selvi Street, Seethapathy Nagar, Velachery, Chennai -600042

This will be the final route of escalation within our company.  Therefore, if you remain unhappy after following our own internal appeals procedure then we will escalate your complaint to the relevant Awarding Body directly.  The following gives you the link to the appropriate Awarding Body.

IOSH and their complaints policy can be located on their website:

Should we/you address your appeal to any Awarding Body and remain unhappy with the outcome you may then raise your appeal to the relevant qualification regulator.  Either a representative of National Safety School Ltd or the Awarding Body will be able to offer you guidance on the appropriate qualification regulator in each instance and provide contact details.