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Why Choose NEBOSH Course in Chennai:

The NEBOSH Courses in Chennai is a popular training course followed by many students from Chennai, Tamilnadu. Personalized training. Our National Safety School Conducts Nebosh Course in Chennai with Unlimited Training and Dynamic Revision Test. They have been familiar for many years internationally, as the basis for a wide-ranging and extensive introduction to the fundamentals of occupational health and safety.

Updated Nebosh Course Exam Date & Registration Date:

    - Next Nebosh Exam Date: jan 9th & 10th

    - Last Nebosh Exam Registration Date: Dec 6th

National Safety School Offers Nebosh IGC Course in Chennai @ High quality & Special Offers. National Safety School Nebosh Accredited Centre in Chennai.

NEBOSH IGC Training fees: Rs.40000/-

NEBOSH IGC + IOSH course fees Rs.49000/-

NEBOSH IGC + basic one-year diploma certification: Rs.45000/-

IOSH With classes + basic one-year diploma certification: Rs.12000/-

The Fire and Safety Course in Chennai focuses on International Standards, designed according to a recognized management framework.

Who Can Do NEBOSH Course in Chennai:

The Nebosh Course in Chennai syllabus has been designed for Managers, Supervisors, Worker Representatives, and for those who want to require an elementary knowledge and understanding of principles and practices of Safety Courses.

Why Choose National safety school?

  • Personalized Training
  • Nebosh Accredited Institutes
  • Professional Industries Experience Tutor
  • Quality Training
  • Exceptional Coaching
  • Spilit Paper Option
  • Convient Exam Schedule
  • Continuous Support Until pass
  • Mock Test
  • Best Price

About NEBOSH Courses in Chennai

Nebosh stands for National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health.


NEBOSH qualification has been recognized by IIRSM (International Institute of Risk and Safety Management) and the IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health), which means you will gain recognition as a National safety school.

NEBOSH safety course in Chennai will give you a good boost to your resume.

NEBOSH qualification will provide you the skills and knowledge to carry out your responsibilities in your job description.

You will gain a lot from the Nebosh courseIdentifying and controlling workplace hazards will also be taught in this training.

You will be taught how to implement principles regarding health and safety by Health and Safety Training Providers and how to apply it.

The advantages you will get from having NEBOSH are endless; it's all how you will use it for yourself.

Exam Schedule for NEBOSH IGC1 & IGC2 Training in Chennai ( Last Exam Registration Date: Dec 6th )

SNO Subject Starting Date Exam Date
1 IGC1 Nov 2nd Dec 6th
2 IGC2 Nov 11th Dec 9th
3 IGC1 Nov 25th jan 9th & 10th
4 IGC2 Dec 2nd jan 9th & 10th
5 IGC1 Dec 16th jan 9th & 10th
6 IGC2 Dec 23rd jan 9th & 10th

Best Safety Training Institute in Chennai:

There are many reasons why we are claiming to be the best Nebosh Safety Training Institute. We can summarize by saying in the following words. Please take the time to read it, so that you can come to know our quality education.

  • Exclusive technological training methodology includes mock exams, group discussions, mind mapping, mnemonics, animated videos, and so on.
  • Provide 100% job assistance to enhance your carrier.
  • Delivering high-quality training and government approved certificates.
  • Our professional trainers have real-life experience in dealing with safety. It’s much better to have trainers that have a profound experience and have achieved reclamation from international health and safety standards.
  • Flexible training hours with Daily batches, week end & evening batches or Online.
  • Only a qualified institute would be able to provide the stairway to their goal.

While all the above-mentioned features sound pleasing it can be availed at National safety school. The fire safety course in Chennai offers such world-class faculties and assuring placement opportunities.

What are all the Qualifications Offered by NEBOSH?

NEBOSH offers a range of NEBOSH courses in Chennai. Qualifications in health and safety depend on the number of factors. Course material designed with real industrial issues, and the level of competence required for the designation.

Some of the popular and important NEBOSH Qualifications offered by NEBOSH are,

  • NEBOSH International General Certificate (NEBOSH IGC)
  • NEBOSH International Diploma (IDipNEBOSH)
  • NEBOSH + IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health)
  • NEBOSH + OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

The advantages of NEBOSH qualified persons are more notable and selectable at their interview than a person without NEBOSH. It will add more weight to your resume. You will have better chances with National safety school safety Course in Chennai when you are looking for jobs in the Middle East countries.

Govt Approved Safety Diploma Course in Chennai

There are lots of institutes and centers offering Nebosh and safety course in Chennai, but we are not sure whether they are certified and approved. Make yourself sure to know the authorized and approved institutes.

National safety school provides you the Govt Approved Safety Diploma Course in Chennai with lots of beneficial experiences. The only institute that has nourished with,

  • High-Quality Nebosh Training Materials and Nebosh Certified & Industrial Expert Trainers.
  • Special Training in Nebosh Model Question with Special Training in Nebosh Old Questions & Answers
  • Special Training in Nebosh Question Interpretation Techniques with 7–14 years of Nebosh IGC Question & answers back up and also providing Special 30 Days Training for freshers with exam models.

NEBOSH IGC Course Duration:

Duration for the NEBOSH course will vary according to the type and each will be different. Usually, it takes a minimum of 14 days (10hrs/day) but it depends on our Health and Safety training provider and knowledge of students' attending. Some course providers take around 1 month to get better results.

Also, it depends on which NEBOSH qualification you take. Recommended study times range between 65 hours up to 500 hours depending on the course qualification.


Nov 14, 26
Nov 16, 27
Nov 15, 16, 17 & 27, 28,29
Nov 11, 18, 21
Nov 15

What is the eligibility for NEBOSH IGC Training in Chennai?

All candidates who have finished the higher secondary education can go for NEBOSH International general certification. Nebosh IGC course in Chennai is a certification course in the safety field and it doesn’t require any degree or master's degree qualification to do this course. Any degree or diploma course completion person is easy to pass the Nebosh examination.

All Kind of National safety school working in various sectors are eligible. There is no minimum Educational Qualification for this Nebosh Course. But the candidate must understand the English language and write the examination in English. Once the candidate completed the course he will have a job in his hand ready before he completes it.

Where this NEBOSH training skills actually works:

This nebosh and safety course in Chennai covers workplace hazards and how to control and prevent them.

  • 1 – Workplace Hazards and Risk Controls
  • 2 – Transport Hazards and Risk Controls
  • 3 – Musculoskeletal Hazards and Risk Controls
  • 4 – Work Equipment Hazards and Risk Controls
  • 5 – Electrical Safety
  • 6 – Fire Safety
  • 7 – Chemical and Biological Health Hazards and Risk Controls
  • 8 – Physical and Psychological Health Hazards and Risk Controls and more.

Safety Officer Course:

If you are a person who is just staring at the workforce, then you may learn the NEBOSH safety coursesand the completion certificate is the way to improve your resume skills.

Once you have decided to chooseyour carrier as a Safety Officer, then National safety school is one of the best NEBOSH Courses or fire safety course providerin Chennai to learn the NEBOSH risk management system. We provide various kinds of training courses in the field of health, safety, and environment.